SquadCast Review: 7 Reasons Why SquadCast is the #1 Podcast Platform

I’ve tried a bunch of different remote podcast recording software over the past few years, including Zencastr, RINGR, and Zoom, but SquadCast is by far the best.

I’m talking about recording podcasts remotely, meaning you and your guest/s are in different locations.

If you’re recording a solo podcast, you can use free software like Audacity.

But for remote recording, SquadCast is the best podcast software on the market right now — hands down.

Check out my full breakdown of SquadCast, RINGR and Zencastr here.

I’m the co-host of The Wild Podcast, a New Zealand show about adventure and the great outdoors.

We record all of our episodes remotely and SquadCast has been a lifesaver for us.

Here I’m going to serve up 7 reasons why SquadCast is the best remote podcast recording platform in 2021.

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Let’s dive in.

1. Sound quality

SquadCast has excellent sound quality for remote recording software.

It’s much better than RINGR and Zoom and slightly better than Zencastr.

Sound quality is probably the second most important factor when it comes to choosing a remote recording service.

Even when our guests don’t have a proper microphone and are using the built-in one on their laptop, the audio sounds really good.

I don’t know how SquadCast does it.

Once the audio has saved, you can download it in WAV or MP3 format.

The only thing that would make it even better is if they had built-in mastering, but who am I to complain?

To get an idea of the sound quality, check out the episode below and skip forward about 15 minutes to the interview (apologies in advance for the New Zealand accents).

And I’m not even using expensive gear — you can check out my podcast set-up here.

SquadCast’s promise is “record studio-quality podcasts from anywhere” and they actually deliver on it.

2. Reliability

The number one factor to consider when choosing a remote podcast recording platform is reliability.

You need to be confident that you’ll stay connected throughout the recording session, there won’t be annoying delays, and you won’t lose your precious audio files.

I’ve experienced all of those things with the other podcast recording services mentioned above.

But so far, SquadCast has been 100% reliable.

No dropped connections.

No delays or echos.

No audio drift.

No lost audio files.

It’s been an absolute game-changer for me.

3. Progressive upload

This is the thing that sets SquadCast apart from the rest of the pack.

Progressive upload means your audio files are uploading while you’re recording in real-time.

That means if the connection happens to drop (it hasn’t for me yet), your precious audio is still safely saved in the cloud.

This helps to explain how progressive upload works.

I’ve had a few times when I’ve lost an entire episode with other podcast recording platforms, and plenty of times where I’ve needed to contact support to rescue backups from the cloud.

With SquadCast’s progressive upload feature, I never have to worry about this again.

It provides the peace of mind I need to hit record and focus on my interview.

Get started with a 7-day FREE TRIAL of SquadCast here.

4. Ease of use

Our guests love SquadCast almost as much as we do.

It’s so easy to use. It literally takes two clicks to set up a new session.

You just click ‘Add session’ and then fill in the details, including the date and time. Then you add the email addresses for the guests you want to invite and click ‘Save Session’.

Your guests will automatically be sent an invite with a link to the session.

They just need to click it to join (no signing up necessary).

SquadCast has really thought carefully about user experience and I can’t think of anything that would make it easier/faster right now.

5. The Green Room

I love the SquadCast green room.

It’s a space where you can check that everything’s set up correctly, and make sure you’re looking good for the camera.

You can select your input (microphone), output (headphones), and whether or not you want to be on camera.

You can also choose to use echo cancellation. I tend to leave that on, but I don’t know what difference it makes.

Your guests are taken to the green room when they click your invite link, too, so they can make sure they’re ready to go.

With other platforms, I had issues with connecting the right microphone and headphones not working.

With the green room, I know if everything’s connected correctly or not before I start recording.

6. Price

SquadCast’s pricing is super reasonable when you consider the features, audio quality, and reliability you’re getting.

Starting at just $9 a month, it’s comparable to most of the other podcast recording services out there.

I’m currently on the ‘Creator’ plan, which is $17 per month, and find that it serves my needs just fine.

I would happily pay double for the service and the peace of mind I get from using SquadCast (just don’t tell them that!).

You can always start with a FREE TRIAL and decide if you want to sign up for a plan afterwards.

7. Trusted by the best

Some of the best podcasters and entrepreneurs in the world trust SquadCast.

Jordan Harbinger, host of The Jordan Harbinger Show, has been podcasting for more than 12 years and said SquadCast is “going to change the game for me and thousands of others”.

“SquadCast is what people need to be using and is the Skype/Zoom killer app for people who care about how their show sounds.”

It’s also used by the likes of Pat Flynn of The Smart Passive Income Podcast and James Altucher, host of The James Altucher Show.

Apparently huge companies like Spotify, ESPN and Shopify also use SquadCast for their podcasts.

Use this link to start your 7-day free SquadCast trial today

No need to look any further

As someone who’s tried several podcast recording services, I’m confident in saying that SquadCast is the best one out there right now.

It will be even better when they roll out video recording.

I’m yet to have a bad experience with SquadCast and that’s such a relief after some of the disasters I’ve had with other platforms.

I am going to be trying out new kid on the block, riverside.fm, very soon, so will report back on that once I’ve tested it thoroughly.

I hope this helps you to make a more informed decision about which remote podcast recording software is right for you.

Note: I have included a few affiliate links in this article. If you sign up to SquadCast I’ll earn a small commission. Just being real with ya’ll.



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